#1 A few Class Rule Questions by Larry 20.02.2018 03:55

A few owners have added the following parts to their boats. I do not see the allowance of these parts in the International Racing Rules June 7, 2011. Can someone tell me if each of these parts is legal?

1. A pin on the top of the rudder to keep the rudder from popping out.

2. A cap on top of the mast to protect the sail.

3. Generic can lids to replace lost or broken cockpit cover.

4. A rubber band around the cockpit cover.

5. Tape or shrink tubing on the boom to keep the sliders from slipping.

6. Tape over the winch spool bridge to keep water out of the servo.

7. A line from the clew grommet to the boom in addition to the outhaul to replicate a clew tie down used on full size Lasers.

8. A line from the tack grommet to the boom to act as a downhaul.

9. Tape over the drain hole on the transom to keep water out of the hull.

#2 RE: A few Class Rule Questions by Noel McPherson 19.03.2018 01:51

From the Rules, "Anything not specifically permitted be these rules is prohibited".
Items 1,2,3,4,5,7,9 are therefore not legal for regattas.
Item 6 needs clarification, but it sounds to be not legal.
Item 8 is legal - it has already been designed into the boat.
We also note that as you are from Florida, as a courtesy, you should refer your queries in the first instance to Nick Mortgu - RC Laser Class Secretary AMYA for his interpretations.

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