#1 Proposition at the CON's by TFNED01 22.02.2017 22:42

Hello guys,

If there become an international meeting on the upcoming CON, s in Australia, I would like to place an item on the agenda for this.

As a representative of the Dutch group I would suggest to consider the possibility of a real Cunningham in the rigs of the Laser.
A small sail eyelet just behind the mast. This allows you to sail all sails nice and flat, without wrinkles in the front luff.

New sails suffer less here; Also it seems that it sometimes the wrinkles are worse in some rigs than in others.
Older sails has wrinkles more often, so new sails are have the benefit of a nice flat luff.
To unity of the RC Laser and thus to promote equal opportunities for all, everyone has the chance for a nice flat front luff with no wrinkles.

High costs are not there; a single sail eye ....

Taco NED01
RC Laser Netherlands

#2 RE: Proposition at the CON's by Dirk GER 11 23.02.2017 20:33


In practice could it look something like this?

source: http://www.modellskipper.de/Tipps/Bilder/Thumbnails/Modelle/RC%20Laser%20Jolle/die%20Modell%20Jolle/1999999_1060223.jpg

GER 11

#3 RE: Proposition at the CON's by TFNED01 23.02.2017 23:52

Great that you find this Dirk.
Yes it could be someting like that.

Taco NED01

#4 RE: Proposition at the CON's by TFNED01 26.02.2017 03:15


For a proper understanding here an explanation, we do not ask to arrange the cunningham outside the classrules, but we ask an opening to insert this in the class rules. So that with the agreement of the builder and that he will put the cunningham in the new sails.
Benefit; not impairment of the unit. Because everyone can have a tight sail the unit is properly increases rather than compromised.
That is why my question if we can this discuss at the Con's

Taco NED01

#5 RE: Proposition at the CON's by lasersailor 15.10.2017 06:48


There is an international meeting planned during the CoN 17

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